A new alternative to add to your alternative medicine practice

Hans Van LatensteinNovember 24, 2020

Get ready to grow your alternative medicine practice

Acupuncture has been successful for dealing with many types of pain. There is a new, faster non-intrusive method you can add to your healing arsenal that can drastically increase your revenue and is easily scalable.

Unless you hire other acupuncturists or you open more clinics, you cannot scale your alternative medicine practice the way you are doing it right now. When you add Genezen to your alternative medicine practice, you can increase your services and revenue without adding too much extra time to your treatments.

The entire acupuncture meridian system is built into the Genezen software. But with Genezen, you can stimulate points in the entire organ system by treating the subconscious patterns that are correlated to your client’s problem. 

A faster alternative medicine treatment

Most acupuncturists treat clients in about an hour. Genezen is a much faster treatment. Sessions are 30 minutes per client including a brief counseling session. You may also choose to make Genezen an integral part of acupuncture treatments.

Introducing a new service into an existing clinic does wonders. Existing clients are receptive and willing to try out what you recommend. In our clinic, we introduced Genezen with a PowerPoint presentation. At the end of the presentation, we gave all attendees a voucher for a free treatment. Then after the free treatment, we ask the client if he or she wishes to continue using Genezen as a part of their acupuncture treatment or by itself.

In our clinic, Genezen generated half of our revenue within a year. In two years, our revenue had doubled, just by implementing Genezen into our practice. We introduced it to our clients and let them try it out. Most of them liked it and kept doing it. Some of our clients have been receiving weekly Genezen treatments for years. For them, there is always something more profound to discover, and they love the treatment itself. Studies have shown that only 14.6% of all clients visit an acupuncturist more than ten times. With Genezen, you retain your clients for much longer than that.

If you are looking to help your clients overcome behavioral issues like addiction, anxiety, and depression using this revolutionary treatment, reach out and get in touch with the founder of Genezen here.