Tune in to a new therapy to help COVID-19 anxiety

Hans Van LatensteinNovember 24, 2020

We are all connected via our collective subconscious

We share it with everyone, everywhere, at every moment. Since the global awareness of the pandemic, waves of COVID-19 anxiety, fears and depression have accumulated throughout our collective subconscious. Emotional waves caused by the domino effect of the virus have also accumulated — think of unemployment, higher suicide rates, and increased domestic violence, to mention a few.

It’s in our history

Since the beginning of humanity, all of the emotions of humankind have been stored in our collective subconscious. The current pandemic prompts our collective memory and triggers emotions related to a long history from prehistoric to more recent viruses like the Plague, Black Death, Polio, Flu, AIDS, Ebola, etc.

On top of that, our personal ancestry is interwoven into our story as well. How did our ancestors respond to the collective forces of their time? Did it reinforce them, or did it weaken them? It is amazing to see how deep-rooted emotions are sometimes carried on for many generations.

Our personal subconscious and the collective subconscious are interactive. It seems that most of the time, we are on autopilot. The subconscious is doing the routine work from beating our hearts to driving our cars. However, when we muster the energy to stay awake and focused for a while, we can see a great opportunity within the collective subconscious. We can use it like a radio with many stations to choose from. Each radio station has its frequency, just as emotions have their frequencies.  

Realign. Real happy.

In this world, at this very moment, there are many people genuinely happy. A baby born, falling in love, passing a test, getting a dream job, but there is one thing in common: happiness. The combined happiness of all these genuinely happy people is a tremendous wave of joy in the collective consciousness. And like a radio station, we can tune into that frequency. We can align with a tsunami of happiness that is readily available in the collective subconscious.

A new way of healing

Genezen is a new alternative therapy that allows you to holistically treat patients dealing with behavioral issues by “tuning into” this collective happiness. It changes how we experience ourselves and our environment. This change of perspective changes how we’re tapped into the collective subconscious and what our antennas will pick up. To quote Albert Einstein, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” When we align with all the friendly energies of the collective subconscious, our lives transform to higher frequencies and peace of mind — reduced depression and anxiety are welcomed side effects.

If you are looking to help your clients overcome behavioral issues like addiction, anxiety, and depression using this revolutionary treatment, reach out and get in touch with the founder of Genezen here.