How To Finance Becoming A Genezen Practitioner

Hans Van LatensteinSeptember 9, 2021

A life-changing investment. Financing Genezen.

We understand that $44,000 is a significant investment. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to cost you a dime? 

Of course you can finance your investment and pay off a lender on a monthly basis. But why pay the interest if you don’t have to?

There’s a smarter way that can save you a bundle. Here’s how.

After we had a software architect help us develop Genezen we needed to have it programmed. The cost was $100,000! Money we simply didn’t have.

I raised the money through introductory lectures at our clinic for existing clients and their friends and family. The presentation detailed all of the benefits of Genezen. I offered a package called ‘the Complete Overhaul’ for $3,000 each. I opened it up for a maximum of 50 people to enter the program. After my third lecture it was sold out.

You can use the same approach for your investment and we’ll help you by providing you with the knowledge and tools to do so, for free. It not only will generate your investment but it will also help you expand into a new mindset for your business. 

Acupuncturists are ideal for becoming Genezen practitioners.

They genuinely care for people and they’re already familiar with the meridian energy systems. However, they are often not very profitable in their clinics and their time and money proportion doesn’t allow for much growth. Genezen will change that. Acupuncturists will definitely become more profitable when they implement Genezen in their clinics.

All you need is a new mindset. For example, do you consider $44,000 a lot of money? When you lose it, yes. But when you spend 30 hours a week with your clients and you can generate $250,000 year after year with it, it isn’t that much. You can engage your entrepreneurial spirit and earn your entire investment up front. You only have to take in some knowledge which takes you a few hours and then share it with your clients and their family and friends. 

If you would work with the same package of $3,000 as I did, you only need 15 clients to fund your entire investment. Simultaneously, you can work with smaller packages of $1,500, $1,000, and $500. If you’re interested in that route, we’ll help you. We’re always available to help you succeed.

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