The process of implementing Genezen into your practice

Hans Van LatensteinNovember 24, 2020

Implementing Genezen into your practice is a smooth process. We have designed an online training that you can follow at your own pace. The training is 20 hours and you’ll be able to look back at it whenever you want. The two major components are the Genezen manual, which explains how it works and gives you numerous practical examples and step by step videos. After you think you got it down, we recommend practicing daily with friends and family for a few weeks or until you feel confident to start treating your clients.

In the practitioner portal of the website, you have access to marketing materials. You can download a brochure and PowerPoint presentation and modify it for your own brand. Also, you can become part of the Facebook community where Genezen practitioners exchange protocols, questions, and learn from each other.

How we get things rolling

In our clinic, we regularly give Genezen PowerPoint presentations to our clients implementing Genezen and their friends and family. We usually do this in small groups of 5 to 30 people. We provide the presentation in about 30 minutes, and then we hold 10 to 20 minutes for questions and answers. At the end of the presentation, we give each attendee a voucher, which is good for one free Genezen treatment.

Give the voucher an expiration date, typically a month after issuing it. Most attendees will schedule an appointment with you to receive their free Genezen treatment. Next, you have these clients or potential clients, one-on-one in your clinic. Most of them experience their first Genezen treatment as very pleasing and afterward talk with them about follow-up treatments.

In our clinic, we have specials. Generally, each Genezen treatment costs $125. When the client commits to a five treatment package, he or she gets a 20% discount. Our biggest Genezen package is what we call the complete overhaul and costs $3,000. That amounts often to 50 to 100 weekly treatments of 10 minutes each. All packages have their own unique characteristics, and the one we recommend to our clients depends on his or her individual needs. 

The best part? Changing a life.

The most rewarding part of implementing Genezen into your practice is seeing the transformation of your clients. We have never had anybody who didn’t like Genezen. A Genezen session is enjoyable to undergo and something to look forward to. Many clients observe that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Other clients get deeper insights into themselves and can make fundamental changes in their lifestyles. It’s wonderful to see how people can change their stories and live a freer and more enjoyable life.  

If you are looking to help your clients overcome behavioral issues like addiction, anxiety, and depression using this revolutionary treatment, reach out and get in touch with the founder of Genezen here