In-Depth Explanation On Genezen Research

Hans Van LatensteinSeptember 21, 2021

Does Genezen have supporting research?

The cultural belief is that we need a narrative. Each of us has 100 billion neurons and 70 trillion cells whose behavior depends greatly on the environment. Phenomena like obesity, sugar intake, smoking and drinking spread like ripples through society. In Genezen we create a neuropsychological catalyst that enables us to experience beyond those superimposed narratives. Compulsive labeling leads to the need to enforce expectations. With Genezen these labels are transcended and the mind and body are enabled to allow its own natural blueprint to take the lead.

The results are that people feel as if a weight is lifted from their shoulders. They feel free. We all have looping patterns in our neural pathways and many of them are suppressing issues that we don’t want others to know about. With Genezen we don’t have to dig in the past and relive our emotions. We just change the subconscious patterns that govern them. It is really that straightforward. 

There’s no modern peer-reviewed scientific research that confirms the results of Genezen. Newtonian science requires objectivity and requires fixed results. This is not the correct framework for Genezen. Observation needs to be dynamic because in the process of Genezen the subject and object are constantly changing. 

Genezen operates on our subconscious level and from there it influences our perceptual reality. We’re all energetically connected. How many times have you thought of someone and the phone rang and it was that person? Similarly, identical inventions have been made independently on different continents during the same time. Those are energetic connections, the collective nervous system as you will, and they appear somewhat mysterious because they’re outside the scope of our conventional scientific framework.  

To understand Genezen we have to add ‘direct experience’ to the framework. Subconscious synchronization is having your underlying filters changed, the filters through which you perceive your reality. It is that simple. The subconscious of your body (the autonomic nervous system) is intertwined with the subconscious of your mind. Consciousness happens under the radar and it’s therefore hard to describe other than the resulting experience itself.

Empathetic mirror neurons are not only found between individuals; they’re also present in the collective consciousness. Other factors are our ancestry and the collective consciousness at that time. Individual persons are incredibly unique however, they’re in constant duality in terms of how they see themselves and how others see them. This has neurochemical consequences such as memory consolidation and looping neuro pathways. Our experiences are constantly changing our neural connections and they alter our parallel system which persistently adapts to find balance within itself.  

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