Is It Love? How Genezen Can Help Couples Therapy

Hans Van LatensteinSeptember 28, 2021

A New Way To Help Couples Seeking Therapy

Many couples go to therapy to improve or save their marriages. Many of these sessions are devoted to venting; the husband holds the floor while the wife listens, and she holds the floor while he listens. This kind of therapy can go on for years without any major improvements.

One of the fundamental protocols of Genezen is dedicated to couples therapy. The approach is different and is far from conventional. During a Genezen couples therapy session, there is no talking. The only thing we do during the session is synchronize certain subconscious patterns within him and her. Take for instance the ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin. We assign a ‘feel good’ feeling to that hormone by gently stimulating the spine with an Arthrostim. The nerve bundles along the spine are connected to all the organs in the body and they experience the stimulation as pleasant. After the session, this new ‘feel good’ association is planted in him and her. 

This all happens on the subconscious level. The Arthrostim vibrates 15 times per second and that is fast enough to circumvent the mind’s interference. We don’t want the couple to ‘think’ themselves into self-manipulated feelings. They just take the treatment and they go home. In addition to hormones, we synchronize many other elements like positive values, energetic systems, physical aspects and more. 

When couples come back for their follow-up sessions we often hear: “What are you doing to us? We get along better, our communication is improving and somehow we are more agreeable.” The underlying synchronization does that. There is naturally more agreement with someone else when there are essential similarities found in the underlying subconscious patterns.  

Of course, this method of couples therapy can be extended to entire families. Parents, children, and siblings, they all can synchronize with each other. It’s effortless, painless, and actually very pleasant to undergo. The horizon can be further widened by synchronizing entire teams in companies and businesses. Many of them can use a natural ‘get along’ and cooperative work atmosphere. It not only affects their bottom line; it also creates a healthier environment for everyone involved.

Genezen is not in the business to replace conventional couples therapy. Although it can be used as a stand-alone, it can also be used complementary to regular couples therapy. In whatever way it is used the unconventional method reaps amazing results. Without any conscious effort people start naturally connecting with one another. And because there is underlying sympathetic synchronization in the subconscious patterns new neuro pathways are formed in unison with partners, children, siblings and team members. This new method of underlying synchronization is definitely worth the exploration.

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