subconscious mind


Despite that many of us have subscribed to the belief that it’s impossible, I believe that people can significantly increase their health and happiness. All the energy and information to do so is inherently within each of us.

I am appalled by the bad advice people receive and how they get pulled into healing systems that only mask their symptoms. Suppressing symptoms doesn’t address the root cause- it’s worse: it compromises the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Our autonomic nervous system is a signaling system that regulates billions of processes within us. The subconscious of the body is like the subconscious mind, it runs on automatic pilot.

Sometimes the autonomic nervous system asks for our help. When we feel too cold we put a sweater on. When we feel pain we give the spot where it hurts our conscious attention and take action.

Genezen amplifies our ability to tune into these signals in an earlier stage. Like the course of a river things are easily changed at the source where it is still in a tiny stream. It is much harder to change the course of a river 400 miles downstream where it has carved itself into a deep canyon. The same is true with us.

Genezen is a megaphone for our signaling system and allows us to hear what the body is trying to tell us before there is a problem. Long before pain, before illness and before symptoms the signals are already whispering within us.

Our autonomic nervous system processes 40,000 bits of information per second. This information is played back and it allows us to continue functioning and adapting to our environment. When the body is under stress the recording can make false interpretations and distort the original signals.

Imagine if I break my arm while there is a high level of pollen in the air. The tremendous amount of pain alerts my mind that there is a problem. My body incorrectly assigns a contributing factor of that stress/pain to the pollen. Now I have an allergic reaction to the pollen.

Everyone has a myriad of these misleading signals underlying their systems. Genezen brings these to light and realigns the signals with their original information.

Healing higher upstream has many advantages. It is non invasive and it has no side effects. It releases the neurological- and subconscious patterns that hold us back. We don’t realize how much weight we carry until it is lifted from our shoulders.

Genezen shifts the paradigm of healing into a new dimension. It allows us to experience our bodies and minds within a new perspective. It aligns the signals of our subconscious body and our subconscious mind with their original and authentic information.

I believe that by using Genezen people can significantly improve their health and happiness.

– Hans Van Latenstein