How a new alternative therapy can drastically improve your bottom line

Hans Van LatensteinNovember 24, 2020

Genezen is a new alternative therapy that allows you to holistically treat patients dealing with behavioral issues while improving your bottom line considerably.

The treatment is similar to a precision-based acupressure therapy used for patients suffering from allergies and sensitivities. Genezen locates subconscious misalignments and realigns them by creating positive associations and new neural pathways that can fundamentally change your patients’ emotional traumas or negative experiences. 

Big benefits of Genezen: 

  • The treatments are painless
  • Integrates easily in your existing practice
  • Additional revenue stream 
  • Sessions are only 30 minutes 
  • ROI in up to 6 months (depending on how many people you treat) 

Some people enjoy success after only one Genezen treatment, others opt for two treatments per week as they continue to uncover deeper layers and issues within themselves and continue treatment for years. 

If you dedicate 30 hours per week providing Genezen treatments, your gross revenue could increase well over $250,000 a year. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you may consider hiring an assistant to do the majority of the treatments. 

Soon after you start treating people with Genezen, it’s common to get referrals. Serving more people creates a greater revenue stream for you but be sure you are prepared to scale appropriately.

Is it mandatory that I have an established practice to become a Genezen therapist? 

No, it is not necessary to have an established practice. However, an already established practice gives you the advantage of having existing clients to whom you can cross-sell this new feature within your wellness center.

Can I start a practice based on just Genezen? 

Yes, you can become a therapist and start a practice specializing in Genezen. Some background in alternative medicine is required and of course, having a good entrepreneurial spirit and a solid business plan will put you on the road to success in no time. Read more about starting your own alternative health care center

If you are looking to help your clients overcome behavioral issues like addiction, anxiety, and depression using this revolutionary treatment, reach out and get in touch with the founder of Genezen here.

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