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Interested in learning more about Genezen? Pick a time to meet with the creator, Hans van Latenstein, for a free, online or in-person demonstration.

Adding Genezen to your health and wellbeing arsenal can provide you with a significant boost in your revenue. You’ll be providing an all-new, pain-free solution that will enhance the offerings you already have. 

If you make Genezen your sole business and work at least 25 to 30 hours a week, you can grow your yearly income.

Start seeing an ROI in under three months!  

With your investment, you will receive: 

  • A professional arthrostim and wrist-cuffs
  • A laptop with proprietary Genezen software pre-loaded
  • Unlimited online access tutorial videos 
  • 3-day intensive hands-on training
  • A user manual 
  • Free software updates 
  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing materials to attract and inform clients 

To get started, schedule a free demonstration with Hans who will answer any questions you have!